Stotty ‘n’ Spice Cake: Stories and Traditional Recipes of North East Cooking



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Stotty ‘n’ Spice Cakebrings together regional recipes, dialect, social history and kitchen technology to give us an insight into how kitchen skills, tools and diets have developed. Bill Griffiths takes us on a journey through cooking history - from the griddle on an open fire and the ‘beehive’ oven to the widely used, much loved and polished kitchen range (th’ yuven).

This book describes the changing tastes – as well as changes in supplies of meat, fish and grain over the years to include traditions such as the popularity of oatcakes, broth and bread. Recipes from across the region, such as Leak Pudding, Carlins, Singin’-hinny, Taffle Apple, Barley Broth and wartime recipes ‘Warton Pie’ (Wartime Pie) of course, all served with much home grown North East humour.

A joyous celebration of the history of the food and its people from the North East of England.

The late Bill Griffiths (1948–2007)was an extraordinary writer and poet: radical, experimental and scholarly, but also had a great sense of humour. He was a wonderful champion of the North East, its people and heritage.

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ISBN: 9780857162397
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