Touched: Fantastical Short Stories



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Touched is a collection of fantastical short stories where the bizarre meets the mundane and nothing is quite what it seems. In Touched, the writer takes you on a journey through the garden of fantasy. The reader will pick the flowers of jokes, mysteries, weirdness, and enjoyment. You will enjoy reading this collection of eighteen short stories brimming with unexpected events and unforeseen endings. So, please, sit down on a comfortable chair, lean back, and plunge your mind into a world of fantasy. You will be Touched. We hope you like surprises. Why not? Everybody likes surprises...

Orhan Tuncay is a master writer of fantasy literature with many works published as short stories or novels. He is a very good reader of fantasy literature as well. Fusion of imagination with literature originates a limitless span of creativity. Fantasy literature is a remarkably colourful world where the dullness of the outside world, laws of physics and scientific progress lose its significance and a new horizon opens where dimensions are multiplied and people are able to think freely. His stories have a good potential of translation to any language. Orhan Tuncay, is a writer who can skilfully penetrate the world of fantasy. The universal quality of his work enables him to attract a wide audience of readers in many parts of the world. Fantasy literature is a global network connecting all readers of the world. Orhan Tuncay, with his easy to read but deep texts, is like an ocean.

ISBN: 9786199099773
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 28/07/2018
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Pages: 84
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Imprint: Dixi Books