What We Do

Booksellers and publishers demand fast, efficient and affordable services from book distributors.

Peribo co-ordinates all the necessary sales and distribution functions through our Mt. Kuring-Gai head office and warehouse operations and through our sales representatives.

With such a diverse range of books available from our client publishers, there are always customer enquiries (TitlePage and/or our website provides most of the answers) and our customer service team and sales representatives are never more than a phone call or email away. Our sales representatives schedule regular face-to-face sales meetings with book trade, gift trade and specialty retailers – including bookstores, department stores, wholesalers, library suppliers, gift shops and specialist retailers – to discuss new releases, re-issued titles and special offers.

Books are our life. We understand the publishing process from manuscript to bookshelf. The importance of coordination between publisher, distributor and bookseller in achieving successful sales and marketing outcomes has never been more important. Each year we attend the major international book fairs in London and Frankfurt with the specific purpose of observing the latest industry trends and liaising with our distributed publishers.

We take advantage of many excellent advertising opportunities offered by seasonal bookseller promotional catalogues. We exhibit a select range of gift titles at the major gift fairs in Melbourne and Sydney each year. We continually liaise with the media, with individual booksellers and with the major literary festivals in Australia to create premium promotional opportunities for our authors.

Selling books is an evolving process with so many new and exciting possibilities existing for the ‘right’ book. We invite publishers to look at our range and see what we can do for you.