Architecture of Place: Culture, Community and Continuity



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In Architecture of Place, John Melvin, one of our most experienced architects and town planners, considers aspects of place-making and many of those ideas that have formed our approach to housing and the city.

The architect and historian, Timothy Brittain-Catlin, claims that Melvin’s own work draws inspiration from the buildings he admires, but also from the intellectual world around him. The essays on Ludwig Wittgenstein look at this great 20th century thinker, and find in his philosophy an important guide for our times.

The penultimate chapter is on the emerging New Town of Tornagrain. Melvin praises the vision, faith and enterprise that is making possible this investment in the future of Building Beautiful and the creation of social well-being.

John Melvin is the principal of John Melvin Architects and Town Planners, which has an established reputation for both social housing and work to historic buildings. He has won many architectural awards, and his work has been widely exhibited by the RIBA and the British Council. His previous book The Stones of Oxford, was published by Papadakis in 2011.

ISBN: 9781906506728
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Publication date: 01/04/2023
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