B-17G Flying Fortress



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The B-17 Flying Fortress was conceived by the well-known US aviation designer and manufacturer Boeing during the 1930s, principally as a defensive weapon. Owing to the high levels of publicity it received during its service, it duly became a symbol of the Allied war effort. Indeed, the B-17 became one of the most important US aircraft of the war, and it played a major part in the Allied bombing campaign against Nazi Germany. Eventually, over 12,700 B-17s of all versions were built, with initial service test aircraft being delivered in 1937 and manufacture continuing until 1945, in several major series-produced variants and a host of related models and conversions. With over 150 photographs, this book specifically looks at the B-17G, which was the last major production version and played a significant part in the US strategic bombing campaign over Europe during the final years of World War Two.

Throughout his working life, Malcolm has been associated with aviation and military writing and research for a number of publishers worldwide. This includes contributions to such widely diverse magazines as Aeroplane Monthly in Britain and Popular Mechanics in the US. A child of the Cold War era, he has written extensively on Second World War history.

ISBN: 9781802823134
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