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For the very first time an overview is published featuring the works of Belgium’s finest street art and graffiti artists.

Belgian Street Art Today contains a selection of works made by 50 selected artists, such as Roa, Djoels, Dzia, Jaune, Mata One, 2 Dirty, Bué The Warrior, Joachim, Zenith...

Some of these artists are working around the globe and have received international acclaim; a few of them are even represented by prestigious art galleries abroad.
The selection is preceded by a brief history of street art and a never-before-published comprehensive overview of street art projects and street art and graffiti walks in Belgium. Therefore this book is a must-have for art lovers looking for insider tips and unique experiences.

For more than two years, photographer Vincent Willems crisscrossed Belgium in search of the most spectacular interventions and murals, a passion culminating in this stunning book. 

• A first overview of contemporary street art and graffiti in Belgium, and its finest artists. The selection is preceded by a brief history of street art and an overview of interesting graffiti and street art walks in Belgium

ISBN: 9789058567024
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/05/2023
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Pages: 240
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