Business Alchemy: Exploring the Inner, Unseen Dynamics of the Business



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In this enlightening and engaging book, Andrew Wallas views the company from a metaphysical perspective to provide a new approach to transforming the organisation. Business Alchemy focuses on the inner dynamics and energy flow within the organisation itself, seeing where there is visible and hidden contradiction working against the aims of the company. It is by taking a deeper look inside of your company (instead of focusing on the outer machinations of your business), and by bringing these (often unconscious) blocks to light, that energy is released and the company is then free to move forward, fully aligned with its stated objectives and goals. This is a unique perspective on how companies can evolve and grow naturally and successfully.

Andrew Wallas is a consultant who specialises in business transformation. He is the CEO & founder of The School Business Alchemy. Prior to that, he was a successful entrepreneur.

• A unique and radical approach to evolving and growing your company
• A book that challenges traditional and current thinking on transforming your company for success
• This book is for any executive or manager seeking the future zeitgeist for corporate evolution
• Written by an experienced consultant and successful practitioner, who has been described as one of the UK’s \"Top Mr Fix-its\"
• Controversial but relevant perspective and approach – the book will set off a series of intense discussions and debate at launch

ISBN: 9781911498247
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/02/2024
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Pages: 192
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