By Bus to Christmas



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A child's delight in the excitement of Christmas is the abiding spirit of these new poems by Irish poet Tony Curtis. The mini-anthology sparkles with dreams, memories and surprises creating a magical world that families everywhere will love to share.

In one poem a boy scans the night sky for Santa Claus and sees instead his \"lookout\" in the form of a robin redbreast. We also meet two young brothers hunting for holly and stumbling on a magic spell that makes berries appear. The title poem is a modern nursery rhyme that readers of every age will enjoy reading out loud – a journey to Christmas on a bus with snowballs for wheels and stars for windows:

\"And the driver must have
a nose that glows
so he knows
by snow-light where he goes.\"
- from 'By Bus to Christmas'

Specially written for the young and young-at-heart to read together, the poems are guaranteed to add an extra sprinkle of magic dust to every Christmas.

Poems by Tony Curtis.

Cover illustration by Celia Hart.

ISBN: 9781913627003
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/10/2023
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Pages: 28
Dimension: 210mm X 137mm
Imprint: Candlestick Press