Cat: Portraits of Eighty-Eight Cats & One Very Wise Zebra



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Have you ever wondered what your cat would look like if he or she were human? What clothes would they want to wear?

Self-styled cat whisperer, graphic designer, art director and producer Tein Lucasson has the answer. From simple animal photos, he creates high-quality digital images that capture our feline friends in different outfits: whether an elegant Siamese cat in a cashmere sweater, a proud Persian in an aristocratic uniform, or the characterful house cat in a top hat.

Tein Lucasson is a Dutch graphic designer, art director, producer and a lover of creative things. He works around the clock to be able to realise artistic projects in addition to working for his clients. His digitally-edited wildlife photography has fans on every continent and hangs in living rooms from Amsterdam through Sydney to New York.

• The perfect gift for all cat (and zebra) lovers
• Cute, funny, artistic pictures of cats in costume
• A household favourite around the world

89 colour photographs

ISBN: 9783961712199
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/11/2019
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Pages: 192
Dimension: 287mm X 223mm
Imprint: teNeues