Cats of Ephesos



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Ephesos is one of the most important archaeological digs in the world. For 120 years Austrian archaeologists have been at work on this magical site in western Turkey and continue to bring up spectacular finds. In this place archaeologists have succeeded like nowhere else to make academia and the public aware of the distant past.

In this book, Sabine Ladstatter, who leads the Ephesos dig, and award-winning photographer Lois Lammerhuber present the world of antiquity from a very special angle. Cats are to be found almost anywhere around the ancient city. They live in a very special environment. Sabine Ladstatter explains the nature of this extraordinary relationship and Lois Lammerhuber followed the cats of Ephesos on a magical mystery tour through an antique world of temples, stones, theatres and private houses.

Text in English, German and Turkish.

Sabine Ladstatter was born in Klagenfurt in 1968. She studied archaeology and Altertumskunde in Graz, Vienna and Ljubljana. In 2009 Ladstatter became head of the Austrian Archeological Institute (OeAI) in Vienna and has led the excavations in Ephesos since 2010. In 2012 she was voted Austrian Scientist of the Year 2011 by the club of Austrian journalists specialising in education and science.

Lois Lammerhuber has been voted world-best photographer three times and won awards for almost all of his books. His perception of photography has strongly been marked by the close cooperation with GEO magazine. He is a member of the New York Art Directors Club. In 2012 the Photographische Gesellschaft Wien honoured him with the Golden Society Medal for special photographic expertise.

•The first book to demonstrate the beauty of an archaeological site in relation to its animal inhabitants - the cats
•Presents archaeological insights in an entertaining format while showing us the grace and adaptability of felines in the wild
•Both a must have and a gift book for cat lovers

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ISBN: 9783901753381
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