Creative Abstract Watercolor: The Beginner’s Guide to Expressive and Imaginative Painting



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Learn how to create dynamic, original abstract art using easy techniques and nothing more than watercolor paints and a few pens.

Let your creativity loose and start making art, without getting bogged down in detail or accuracy - just allow yourself to experiment, have fun, be present and play with colour, shape and texture to your heart's content.

In this unique step-by-step book, you'll discover watercolor techniques, tips and tricks to create your own vibrant art, letting the natural watercolor flow to help form your composition and inspire further mixed media embellishment.

Author Kate Rebecca Leach of Essoldo Design has amassed a huge following online for her beautifiul abstract artworks. In her debut book, she generously shares her techniques so that even complete beginners will be able to pick up a brush and create stunning works of art.

Through a variety of projects, including simple shapes, abstract botanicals, and expressive landscapes, you'll learn easy techniques to combine color, texture, and contrast in exciting ways, and how to add gorgeous embellishments using gel pens and metallics to make your abstract pieces shine.

Using this book, you'll be able to create art that you'll be proud to display in your home, gift to friends and family and develop your own portfolio, while having a lot of creative fun in the process.

Kate Rebecca Leach is the talented artist behind Essoldo Design. She started making art while on furlough during the first COVID lockdown, 20 years after studying textile design at university, and has quickly amassed over 100,000 engaged Instagram followers. She has sold over 1400 prints on Etsy and has licensed her art to 15 countries worldwide.

• The only book to focus on abstract art techniques in watercolors, which is the most accessible medium - and subject - to start painting.
• Create stunning art with no prior painting or drawing experience whatsoever - just experiment with color, shape and texture - the joy of abstract art is there are no rules!
• The act of making art like this is mindful, playful, experimental, and empowering - as well as being accessible, freeing and satisfying.

ISBN: 9781446310564
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/05/2024
RRP: $49.99
Pages: 128
Dimension: 273mm X 210mm
Imprint: David and Charles