Curiosity Killed the Cat



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Little Biggling: a village that had been taken over by The Ministry of Scientific Research during the Second World War ... and after the War the Ministry had stayed on, much to the annoyance of several of the residents. However, being annoyed was one thing, being murdered quite another. It seemed that one of the members of the Civil Service who billeted in the village had been a little too curious about everybody and everything in Little Biggling, and there was a terrible price to pay. Inspector Cam found that he wasn't getting much help in finding the person who had most to hide... First published in 1949 this was the first of three detective thrillers penned by Joan Cockin, otherwise Edith Joan Burbidge Macintosh, PhD, CBE.

ISBN: 9781915530141
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/04/2024
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Pages: 276
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