Do You Think You’re Clever? The Oxford and Cambridge Questions



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A wonderful collection of famously perplexing questions and dazzlingly brilliant answers from the infamously challenging Oxford and Cambridge University interviews.

Why can't you light a candle in a spaceship? What books are bad for you? Is nature natural?

The Oxbridge undergraduate interviews are notorious for their unique ways of assessing candidates, and from these peculiar enquiries, professors can tell just how smart you really are. Every year learned professors pose curious conundrums to potential students to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the clever from both of them.

Deftly exploring the twisting paths your mind can take when you're really made to think, Do You Think You're Clever? provides dazzling answers to over 60 of these infamously perplexing problems. John Farndon takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride from philosophy to physics, literature to logarithms, considering why the pole-vaulting world record will never exceed 6.5m, whether there are too many people in the world, how to reduce crime through architecture, and much more.

How would stand up against Oxbridge's sharpest minds?

Do You Think You're Clever? is a sparkling tour amid the heights of intellectual abstract thought. Imbibe slowly and give your neural networks the workout they crave.

John Farndon graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge with a degree in English Literature. Libby Purves OBE is a radio presenter, journalist and author. Best known for presenting BBC Radio Four's Midweek, she also writes regularly for The Times and has published twelve novels. She is a graduate of St Anne's College, Oxford, with a First in English Language and Literature.

ISBN: 9781848311329
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