Factology: Dinosaurs



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Factology: Dinosaurs is a fact-packed introduction to this iconic time in history, presented in maps, timelines, diagrams and statistics.

Did you know that a Tyrannosaurus rex needed to eat the same amount daily as 80 people?

Unearth a bygone world beyond imagination and come face to face with the dinosaurs that once ruled the planet. This visually stunning science guide takes you on a prehistoric safari past savage hunters, terror birds, walking tanks and aliens from ancient oceans!

Contents include:
• Life on Earth
• All about evolution
• Dinosaur family tree
• Lost worlds
• Extinction zone
• Meat-free monsters
• Fearsome flyers
• Sea monsters
• Meet the Meg
• Frozen forests
• Survivors!
• The last dinosaurs
• Prehistoric puzzles

Learn about dinosaur feathers, fossilised poo, what beast's bones were mistaken for those of a human giant, how a meteorite wiped out this ancient ecosystem, and much more!

AGES: 8 plus

ISBN: 9781787081499
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