Interior Designers at Home: Inspiration, Aesthetic, and Function with 20 Top Global Designers



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This book takes you on a guided tour of 20 leading interior designers’ homes with tips and insights for creating spaces that work and look great.

Learn how interior designing is as much about problem-solving as it is about inspiration, aesthetic, and function as leading interior designers share the challenges they faced and the rewards they received when creating their own homes.

As their own clients, these designers can afford to be considerably braver, breaking rules in favor of experimenting with materials and spaces and showcasing personal items like art or mementos from travels to tell a story. This intimate understanding of their process is inspirational, especially when coupled with practical tips from each.

• Includes homes of leading designers like Kate Challis, Gabriela Gargano, Andrew Parr, Carole Whiting, Wesley Moon, Dorothy Measer, Vicente Wolf, Sally Mackereth, Tim Van Steenbergen, and Andrew Sheinman.
• Profiles are curated and presented with great detail by author Stephen Crafti, who has 40 books to his name and has been writing on architecture and design for 30 years.
• The designers' homes represent a variety of spaces from different eras, sizes, and locations and include urban apartments, row homes, single-family detached, and a mountain lodge.
• The book features designers’ homes in six different countries: Germany, Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Organized by inspiration, aesthetic, and function, the homes show a range of styles from minimalist to maximalist.
From finding art nouveau–era doors buried in wall cavities, to making an apartment feel like a house, to bringing a rural vibe to an urban setting, each designer's story is an adventure into the depths of how to create a spectacular spaces that works.

Stephen Crafti has been writing about architecture and design for 30 years and has produced more than 45 books. He also writes for leading newspapers and magazines in Australia and overseas. In addition, Stephen leads architecture and design tours both in Australia and overseas with the leading cultural tour company Australians Studying Abroad (ASA). He also leads his own tours in Melbourne, where he resides.

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ISBN: 9780764367380
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