Made in Ibiza: A Journey Into the Creative Heart of the White Island



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Made in Ibiza is both a visual treat and a fitting celebration of a dynamic creative scene that contributes so much to the vitality of this unique Mediterranean island.

It may be a top tourist destination, but - as this captivating new book shows - there is far more to Ibiza than nightclubs and beaches. The island has been at the centre of Mediterranean life since the arrival of the Phoenicians almost 3000 years ago. Over the centuries, other great civilizations left their mark on this strategic trading post, and in the 20th century hippies and bohemians famously found in Ibiza a refuge from conformity. To the present day, the island continues to attract artists and craftspeople from around the world. Together with the native Ibizans who embrace the traditions of their forbears, these foreign-born inhabitants form a vibrant creative community that plays a vital role in maintaining the unique character of the 'White Island'. This book showcases the wealth of creative talent in Ibiza today. It shines a bright Balearic light on some of the island's most inspirational artists and makers, on their products and services, and on their studios and homes. This is a place of great natural beauty, but - as Liam Aldous discusses in his introduction - there are inherent limitations to making things work. Geographic isolation, a lack of industry and a scarcity of materials are perennial difficulties. However, rather than impeding creativity, such challenges fuel ingenuity. As Aldous says, 'In Ibiza, where life's creative canvas often feels unfettered and fresh, creating art, architecture or artisanal goods can also be an opportunity.' The main part of the book is arranged into chapters grouping similar types of products or areas of expertise. More than 35 enterprises are featured, ranging from Blakstad Design, founded in 1967 and now Ibiza's most prestigious architectural practice; Majoral, whose jewellery is sold in boutiques across Europe and the United States; to Ses Cabretes, a goat farm and cheese producer; and Ladio Ceramics, inspired by the island's pottery tradition and the nature that surrounds Laura de Grinyo's secluded studio. Specially commissioned photography by Ana Lui and Salva López captures the artisans at work, the materials and the finished products, while concise descriptions are provided by Aldous, Maya Boyd, Clare Dowdy and Chris English. The book concludes with a series of insightful essays by Martin Davies on the island's cultural history. Perfect for anyone enthralled by the beauty of Ibiza.

Liam Aldous is a writer, journalist, curator, and creative director based in Ibiza. He has been the Spain correspondent for Monocle magazine since 2011.

Ana Lui is a travel and lifestyle photographer based in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Salva López is a Barcelona-based photographer who specializes in architecture, interior design and lifestyle.

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ISBN: 9781858947136
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