Signal Decay



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Tim has recently passed away and left Lori with piles of expensive recording equipment and mountains of debt. Tim's family wants to move on from the loss but Lori can't let go, not while she can still hear Tim's laugh as though he's still there beside her. That is, until she begins to hear his laugh in odd places, like old recordings Tim never worked on.

Can love transcend to keep us connected through death? Or do we just create our own reality when we're not ready to let go?

Keith Cadieux's 2010 novella GazeI/i> was listed for a Manitoba Book Award and the ReLit award. His short fiction has most recently appeared in Prairie Fire, Grain, ELQ, and the Exile Book of New Canadian Noir. He lives in Winnipeg.

ISBN: 9781988168487
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/03/2024
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Pages: 48
Dimension: 152mm X 102mm
Imprint: At Bay Press