The Narrative



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The Wheatbelt town of Kilgarry doesn't like change. So, when graduate teacher Amy Hansen arrives with her city-girl attitude, friction grows quickly. The male population either want to marry her... or run her out of town!

Twelve-year-old student Leah Hargreaves comes from farming royalty. To Amy, the narrative she writes in class is a cry for help, emanating from a place deep inside her... a place damaged and laden with fear.

Distrusted and harassed by the very people who are supposed to protect them, Amy and Leah come out fighting, turning life in Kilgarry into a battle zone that is both explosive and corrosive. Keeping their sanity will be hard enough. Delivering justice when the laws are so easily manipulated, might just prove to be impossible...

PJ is a primary school teacher who lives in the beachside suburb of Quinns Rocks, Western Australia.

ISBN: 9780645589702
Author: KELLY, P. J.
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 27/05/2023
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Pages: 384
Dimension: 229mm X 152mm
Imprint: eText Press