When I Feel Brave



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From the author of When I See Red and dozens of other books for young readers comes a powerful and gorgeously illustrated exploration of bravery and its constant companion, fear.

In When I See Red Britta Teckentrup expertly gave voice to a girl’s feelings of rage. Now, with this same wisdom and sensitivity, the author looks at what it means to be brave. Filled with evocative collage illustrations and dynamically positioned type, this book tells the story of a child wandering through a forest and being startled by a bear. At first the bear is terrifying—it is huge and unknown. But as the girl moves through the forest she becomes the bear’s companion and, by the time they reach the end of the forest, its friend.

Offering important insights into the nature of fear this book helps young readers understand why things are scary, and discover the satisfaction of making friends with the very things that make them feel afraid.

AGES: 4 plus

Britta Teckentrup has written and illustrated more than one hundred and twenty children’s books, which have been published in more than twenty countries. Her books include The Seedling that didn’t want to grow, When I See Red and The Swing. Born in Hamburg, Germany, she currently lives with her family in Berlin.

• Britta Teckentrup is a world-renowned childrens' book author and illustrator and has a number of successful books already published by Prestel.
• Understanding emotions, especially fear, is an extremely important issue for children and their parents in these times.
• This book can promote conversations between children and parents on topics they may find difficult to discuss.
• Briitta Teckentrup's beautiful illustrations are spread across each page and are sensitive and empathetic.

ISBN: 9783791375724
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/06/2024
RRP: $34.99
Pages: 40
Dimension: 280mm X 215mm
Imprint: Prestel