Geraldine and the Space Bees



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Geraldine is an energetic, spirited second-grader with a passion for inventing. When she observes a decline in the bee population, Geraldine decides to find a way to help. A field trip to the space museum and a challenging homework assignment prompt her to sort through her parents' old gadgets and gizmos to create an invention that may one day save the bees. Can she produce something truly remarkable; something that might help the environment and change the world?

AGES: 5 to 8

Sol Regwan is an optometrist who loves to write. He is the author of the first book in the Gizmo Girl series, Geraldine and the Most Spectacular Science Project, and has authored two other successful children's books, The Adventures of Pugley Bear and Dylan and His Magical Robot.

Denise Muzzio spent her early childhood drawing and surrounded by books. When she grew up, she decided to study graphic design, illustration, and animation to keep that inner child alive.

• Encourages discussion and activities about the ways in which creative thinking and science work hand in hand
• Solution for protecting bees as well as the food supply through common core strategies
• Inspires STEM-learning as well as teaching environmental issues such as the value of recycling and reusing
• Places emphasis on literacy, exploring, and hands on experimentation by connecting ideas on and identifying future questions to investigate

ISBN: 9780764359941
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/10/2020
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Pages: 32
Dimension: 222mm X 222mm
Imprint: Schiffer Publishing