Open Skies Cookbook: A Wild American Road Trip



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The James Beard-nominated author of the Wild Adventure Cookbook and Wild Child takes readers on a new adventure—a road trip across America that show how delicious, liberating, and cooking on the open road can be.

In this greatly anticipated new cookbook, Sarah Glover shares her passion for America’s wide-open spaces and characterful cars.

A feast for the eyes and the soul, the book is filled with recipes from across the country—from New England, New York, and Florida to California, New Mexico, and Utah. She even takes a detour for a spot of surfing in Baja California. Sarah completes her trip to each destination in a different vehicle.

Readers will travel to the Texas and Arizona deserts for some barbecue in a Land Rover; explore Northern California’s Wine Country in a Dodge Freightliner; sample Maine seafood in a Volkswagen Campervan; dive into the Deep South in a Ford RV. Each of the sixty recipes— including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten- free options—can be cooked on a small stove or barbecue grill. There is even a bonus chapter on beverages.

Cuisine and culture intertwined is a language on its own and throughout this book, Glover masters the native tongues of food’s connection to place and recounts the incredible tales behind the people and produce found wherever the road takes her.

Sarah Glover is an internationally renowned chef and explorer who has travelled the world in search of epic food and wild adventures. She is the owner of the Wild Kitchen, an outdoor catering company; she collaborates with brands to develop unique, inspiring content; and creates recipes and experiences for her loyal community. She is the author of Wild Adventure Cookbook and Wild Child: Adventure Cooking with Kids, both published by Prestel.

• Perfect for lovers of travel and outdoor cooking
• Acclaimed author Sarah Glover shows that life on the road can be a culinary marvel, with these approachable recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
• Included are diverse recipes inspired by cuisines from across the US, with local ingredients incorporated where possible. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are offered.
• Accompanying the recipes are sumptuous photos of the food and spectacular American vistas.

170 colour illustrations

ISBN: 9783791389448
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Publication date: 01/06/2023
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