Porsche Vibes: The Passion and the Porsche Way of Life



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Another book about Porsche? Absolutely! Because one like this doesn’t exist yet. In the new picture book Porsche Vibes by Michael Köckritz, it may seem like the iconic luxury sports car is at the centre of attention. However, the true star of the book is the emotions and the lifestyle that are so typically associated with Porsche. It’s that feeling that only a Porsche can evoke.

Köckritz skilfully portrays what it’s like to live with a Porsche by your side. The result is a laid-back coffee table book that conveys an eternally youthful sense of life, where joy, happiness, and enjoyment take centre stage. In captivating images, Michael effortlessly captures the emotional essence and shares it with his readers. He tells authentic and inspiring stories about the fascinating luxury sports car and provides amusing background anecdotes about the people who drive them.

There’s hardly anyone better suited for this task. After all, Köckritz is not only a devoted Porsche enthusiast himself, but also the editor of the cult car magazine ramp and the owner of the successful brand agency

Porsche Vibes is a highly entertaining book that illuminates the Porsche myth and reveals the brand and the brand experience behind the luxury sports car from Stuttgart. It gradually opens the reader’s access to the world of Porsche driving: relaxed, exuberant, and sometimes wild.

Many intimate pictures tell exciting stories and feature prominent Porsche drivers with their cars. This magnificent picture book is made for all Porsche fans who already have everything, and for anyone who wants to understand the fascination behind this magnificent vehicle.

Text in English and German.

As a journalist, author, artist, and media maker, Michael Köckritz always succeeds in delivering attention grabbing inspiration with good-natured ease when it comes to contemporary and visionary topics and the realms of lifestyle and luxury. As publisher and editor-in-chief, he has produced numerous book and lifestyle magazine publications that have long been regular recipients of national and international awards. The car and culture magazine ramp, the men’s lifestyle magazine rampstyle, and the design magazine are published internationally and widely regarded as influential in the world of style. After Men's Manual, the coffee table book Coolness - The Casual Elegance of Freedom has now been published by teNeues.

• It's not about engine capacity or fuel consumption, but about the Porsche vibe
• Porsche Vibes is a different kind of car book: more people than engines, more pop culture than horsepower
• Porsche Vibes is the perfect gift for Porsche fans who already have everything else

ISBN: 9783961715749
Format: Hardcover
Publication date: 01/06/2024
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