Where There’s Smoke Part 1: Scotland to the Cape



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When Where There's Smoke's contributors were young in the 1950s and 60s, steam locomotives were a fundamental part of the world, as ever-present and certain as air and water, grass and school. A whistle from the station, steam trails in the countryside, distant exhaust beats carrying on still night air. Even the smallest engines were scary up close.

This first book in a two part series follows the lines of latitude west to east and longitude north to south, starting in the birthplace of steam locomotion – the United Kingdom, and meandering via Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East to Africa's southern tip. It ends in the rugged escarpment country near Cape Town.

Contributors: John Allerton, Peter Attenborough, George Bunbury, Mark Carter, John Champion, John Gayton, Maureen Glover, Joachim Hild, Graeme Hind, Malcolm Holdsworth, Robert Kingsford-Smith, Charlie Lewis, John Mere, Terry Nicholls, Mike Pope, Lindsay Rickard, Peter Skelton, Mike Tyack, John Whiteley, Peter Zabek. Maps produced by Robert Kingsford-Smith.

306 colour photographs

ISBN: 9780994559012
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Publication date: 14/05/2021
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